Monday, July 30, 2012

Frank Meadows III: A Biopic

F.P. Meadows is the current Chief Executive Office of the bn company Nottingham Investment Administration, who have their offices based in Raleigh, NC. His story as a businessman begins however across the Atlantic Ocean at the famous Haileybury School in Hertfordshire, a school that can count ex-British Prime Minister Clement Atlee, write Rudyard Kipling and Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan as ex-alumni.

After a successful time in England, Frank Meadows III moved back to the US, to Durham, North Carolina and the prestigious campus of Duke University. Here, F. P. Meadows continued his interest in the world of finance by graduating from the university with an A.B. in Economics.

With his academic background now complete, Frank Meadows III was ready to move into business for himself and in 1983, he was the co-founder of Insured Benefit Design, which offered employee benefit, insurance sales and administration as part of its services. It did not take long for the young Kip, as he liked to be known, to get noticed in this highly competitive field. Barely a year later, he successfully found employment with advisor screening and consultancy company Robinson Humphrey in the same city.

This move would prove to be a crucial moment in the development of Frank Meadows III as an executive, planner, strategist and financial thinker. While working for Robinson Humphrey, Kip noticed that advisors would become frustrated at how difficult it was to manage separate accounts. He quickly noted that their inefficient system was working contrary to the needs of both the advisor and their clients. Not one to resist such a challenge, Kip addressed the issue head on.

Two years later, F. P. Meadows was the founder and CEO of Nottingham Investment Administration (NIA), a position he has held ever since. His innovative approach to improving efficiency in the workplace and increasing administrators customer service skills beyond all recognition, quickly became a defining aspect of his company. Two years after he founded the company Kip won the Entrepreneurial Roundtable Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1988 and he has been a finalist three times in total

It is worth duly noting the considerable achievements of NIA since 1986, the company is now one of largest independent accounting providers in the US, it provides administration and participant services for just under 200 portfolios and currently administers over billion in assets for their clients.

Yet for all these impressive financial figures, it is NIA's commitment to unrivalled customer service and satisfaction that drives their success and it was Frank Meadows III undeniable brilliance to recognize that fact and, along with his financial acumen, put that together in one efficient, effective and winning package.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The first step - Finding out about college loan consolidation

We might think that for a regular college student the main concern is to attend classes, study for exams and turn in the papers before the deadlines. However, this is not the case in North America. The students in the United States and Canada have to deal with quite complicated financial decisions throughout their years of higher education. The reason is that higher education in these countries is provided by private institutions, which offer quality education but at quite spicy costs. In these conditions, students and their families have to face tough financial decisions when they choose a college to attend. For most of them, the fees are too expensive so the first step is to try obtaining a full scholarship or partial financial aid. For the rest of the expenses, there is the widespread option of contracting a college loan.

Students can contract more than one college loan during their four years of college. If they also pursue graduate studies, it is likely that they will end up with a collection of college loans that they end up paying back for many years after graduation. It thus turns out that a college loan is not something you leave behind at graduation, along with all the other college stories, but it is a life-long commitment. The practice of contracting a college loan is so common that an entire business has developed around it covering financial and legal services for the loan contractors.

A college loan can be offered by either a governmental agency or by a private company that takes care of such financial services. If the student contracts all his student loans from the government, than he can use the option of college loan consolidation. College loan consolidation is extremely advantageous because it actually means replacing a whole set of different loans with various interest rates with just one loan having a unique rate. The main benefit of college loan consolidation is that it gives the chance to lock in the interest rate at its current value (the value at the time when the consolidation is made) thus offsetting changes in interest rates taking place over the next years, when the loan is being repaid. Nowadays, all recent graduates are advised to pursue college loan consolidation as soon as they can because rates for college loans are at an all time low and they will not remain so for too lone. Doing college loan consolidation now means that the student makes sure he or she will pay the same low rate for the following ten or more years, although interest rates for college loans may increase by 10% or more in this period.

College loan consolidation is most commonly done by recent graduates, who are starting to face the difficulties of starting to pay back the loans. Usually, during the college years, the government will subsidize the payment of the rates for students. During the first six months after graduation, young people can still be saved the trouble of having to think about college loan consolidation because they are given a grace period during which no payments should be made. The wisest of them start thinking about college loan consolidation in this time though. They consider alternative options and decide which scheme for college loan consolidation is most beneficial for them. College loan consolidation may be a tough decision to make, the financial packages offered include details that may be tedious to follow and understand. That is why recent graduates may end up postponing thinking about it. However, they are being pressured more and more to become responsible and do college loan consolidation now because of the low interest rates they should be taking advantage of.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home Loan Calculator - How Much Can You Borrow?

Getting different answers from different home loan lenders?
Home loan lenders use many factors to work out what you can afford to borrow. Each has their own policies, resulting in different answers. Below are some of the key criteria common to all lenders.

Your income is the key to how much you can borrow. Your home loan lender will look at the amount of income you earn and also the type and regularity. Part-time earnings or overtime will be viewed more favourably if earned consistently over an extended time.

Your present expenses and debts
When reviewing your ability to repay a loan, home loan lenders want to know that you can also meet your other commitments, including credit cards and personal or car loans.
It may be wise to minimise or reduce your other loans and expenses before seeking home finance.
Also consider asking your lender how your maximum borrowing limit may change if you consolidate any debts with your home loan.
The lower your other loans and expenses, the more income you can allocate to home loan repayments - increasing the amount you can borrow.

What type of borrower are you?
To gauge what you can afford to pay, mortgage lenders consider the kind of work you do and the number of people linked to your application, including children and any other dependants.

Loan purpose
The amount you can borrow changes according to the purpose of your loan.
Property investors can often borrow more than owner occupiers with similar criteria this is because lenders calculate the benefits from negative gearing when doing the calculations.

Location and property type
Property prices do fluctuate and lenders will often limit the amount they will lend in certain areas and property types. It's wise to contact your lender if you plan to buy in a unique location like the inner city or an outlying regional area or are considering a property that is non-standard' in size or construction style.

Interest rate and loan term
The interest rate and loan period affect the amount you can borrow the higher the interest rate or the shorter the loan period, the higher your repayments. Your home loan lender may use a factored rate when doing your calculations. This is the standard rate plus a margin to ensure you can make payments in the event that rates rise.

Your deposit amount
This is a key factor in determining the amount you can borrow as it is linked to the loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR). A maximum 95% loan-to-valuation ratio is common, although 100% home loans, where no deposit is required, are also available from some lenders.
For a loan set at 95% of a property which is worth 0,000, you will need at least ,000 before costs. For a property worth 0,000, the minimum deposit rises to ,500.

The golden rule
As a rough guide, when taking out a home loan in Australia you can generally borrow between three and four times your total gross income, although it will vary on a case by case basis.

The first step is to obtain a home loan quote from your lender. This will help if you are going to auction or need to figure out how much to save, for your new home.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Complete Guide To Royal Mail Smartstamp

The Smart Stamp made by Royal Mail may be exactly what you are looking for is you mail out many letters or parcels and you are disgusted with those long lines at the post office. Smart Stamp is also designed for you if you do not want to commit to an expensive leasing contract or lease or purchase a franking machine. Royal Mail has developed Smart Stamp for your own convenience and professional approach to postage in these modern days.

Royal Mail claims to be an online service that will let your print any amount of postage onto an envelope or package and you will not ever have to worry about buying stamps or leasing or buying a franking machine. With the Smart Stamp you can print only one envelope, one label, or a sheet of labels from your personal computer and you are allowed to print as many as you wish.

It is really simple and neat how this Smart Stamp software can be used. Below are the steps.

1. First, all you have to do is run Smart Stamp.
2. Decide on the size of the label that you desire.
3. Determine the amount of postage that you need.
4. Personalize your postage to look so professional.
5. Print!
Among the professionals that tend to use the Smart Stamp are the doctors, the E-bay power sellers, the dentists and the accountants. These are not the only professionals that can use the Smart Stamp but those that do use it vary from the business size to the frequency of using the Smart Stamp software.

There are six compatible labels that work with the Smart Stamp are the 89 x 36 mm Dymo 99012 large address labels, the 101 x 54 mm Dymo 99014 shipping labels, the 36x89 mm Seiko SLP-2RLE address labels, the 36 x 89 mm Seiko SLP-SRL shipping labels, the 62 x 30 mm Brother DK-22205 paper labels, and the 38 x 90 mm Brother DK-11208 address labels.

There are a few advantages of the Smart Stamp. The amount of time that the software Smart Stamp saves is the number one advantage. The second advantage is that you can directly print from your label printer with single labels, mail merges and bulk prints. The third advantage of the Smart Stamp is not standing in line at the post offices. Lastly but not least is the ability to personalize your postage and make it look even more professional.

There are a couple of disadvantages of the Smart Stamp. One is the price. The Smart Stamp costs 4.99 per month or 49.99 for twelve months. The other disadvantage of the Smart Stamp is that if you press print on your Smart Stamp software, accident or not, and your label printer is not turned on , you will still be charged for that Smart Stamp postage no matter what. That could get a bit expensive if you had a large number of stamps printing! So that would be a very important warning!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Amazon's Strategy Development Approach - External Assessments

Amazon is the 5th most admired company in the world. How did it become so successful so quickly? Strategy! Investing in the right plans at the right time and staying the course.

The purpose of this article is to review Amazon's strategy development model and the external assessment tools it used in helping it to formulate and select top strategies. (Please note that external assessment tools are but a small but vital part of Amazon's strategic planning process.)

Amazon embraced what known as a "design school model" of strategy development. Despite the title, the model is simple to understand and can be highly effective. It is the one used most by professors and consulting organizations.The diagram located at is Henry Mintzberg's illustration of the model.

Organizations often struggle in finding a compelling competitive position. Successful organization can begin to drift away and total fail at what it takes to be successful. This tool can begin to help an organization get into the game.


The design school model calls for both external and internal appraisals. An external appraisal helps an organization to understand threats and opportunities that are out there in the market. The internal assessment helps the organization to understand its strengths and weaknesses. The "Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats" (SWOT) tool is one that most people are familiar with and stems from the design school model.

To do this, Amazon conducted the external analysis using the following analysis frameworks:

- PESTEL Analysis

- Industry and Competitor Analysis

- Competitor Analysis

- Global Internet Trends

- GE Matrix


The "PRESTEL" framework helped Amazon to identify trends that could impact them in six key areas:

- (P) Political factors: areas to focus on include political direction, taxes, trade restrictions

- (E) Economic factors: includes GDP, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and other macro and micro economic factors

- (S) Social factors: includes social trends, population growth rate, age distribution, career expectations, etc.

- (T) Technology factors: includes equipment, information technology, R&D

- (L) Legal factors: include health, safety, employment, discrimination, consumer and antitrust laws

- (E) Environmental factors: includes weather and climate


The external appraisal includes Amazon looking at its competitive position to determine opportunities and risks and where it should focus. To do this, they use Porter's 5 force tool that helps them to understand the strengths and weakness of its competitive position, and where they might consider moving forward. In simplest terms, the model looks assumes there are five important forces that determine competitive power. These are:

- Supplier Power: How powerful are your suppliers? Is it easy for them to drive up their prices and are you stuck? If there are a number of suppliers providing the same product at the quality and price you want, then the suppliers don't have much power. However, if the supplier provides a unique product that others can't compete with, then they have more power.

Friday, July 20, 2012

How To File Bankruptcy: A Debtor's Guide

If you are struggling to pay your bills and wondering what the future holds, you may also be considering how to file bankruptcy, wondering what it protects, and what are the risks, and what is really involved. It may just be a vague idea at this time, or perhaps you are actively considering it but are unsure of how to proceed.

Fortunately, the bankruptcy process is relatively simple if you do it right.

The following outlines what going bankrupt entails, learn what it takes, and when finished, you will be able to make a better decision if it is the right path for you.

Have You Done All You Can To Make Good?

The first step in going bankrupt is to get all your financial information together and decide whether this really is the best option for you right now. Sometimes debt can feel overwhelming, but inmany cases a few small lifestyle changes can make paying it down much easier.

However, that is not always the case and bankruptcy may very well be the best option for you right now.

If you are unsure of whether you should proceed with it or not, consider getting credit counseling from a professional. There are many excellent nonprofit credit counseling centers available to help.

These services can help you organize your finances and take advantage of debt relief resources you may not have been aware are available to you.

How To Choose A Bankruptcy Attorney

Once you have decided to file for bankruptcy, you will need to find a lawyer. It is possible to file pro se, without a lawyer, but it is generally not recommended. Bankruptcy can be a complex process and even a small mistake can cause major problems for you, including the loss of assets like your home or car or even a dismissal of your case entirely that otherwise could have been avoided with experienced legal help.

It pays to do it right the first time around with something this serious. Scrape, borrow, negotiate to come up with a reasonable fee for a bankruptcy attorney to manage going bankrupt for you.

To find a lawyer, begin by asking for recommendations from anyone you know who has filed for bankruptcy or might otherwise know of a good one. You want to find someone who specializes in bankruptcy cases as they will know how to file bankruptcy effectively and typically their fees will reflect an understanding that you are in financial distress.

You can also search online for a good bankruptcy attorney. Many sites even have client ratings to help you decide. Pick several attorneys that offer a free initial consultation, and go talk to several of them before making your decision. Do not be intimidated, ask a lot of questions about their experience and expertise, and listen to what they suggest for your case.

After talking with several lawyers, choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

What Going Bankrupt Will Require Of You

Once you have a lawyer, you typically will need to seek credit counseling from a center that is approved by the federal bankruptcy court. This must be done within 180 days of filing and you will need to show proof that you completed the course and intend to comply. This is to help prevent you from finding yourself in the same financial straits that led to bankruptcy in the first place and is an important step that will benefit you in the long run.

Your lawyer will look over your finances and determine whether you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy erases all debts that can be discharged, forgiving them, but you may lose some assets in the process and there are also income restrictions. For those with higher income or more assets that they want to keep, Chapter 13 is a safe way to do so.

You may have to pay back some of your creditors but your payments will be structured in an affordable way based on your projected income. Some debts are never able to be discharged, such as federally guaranteed student loans, back child support or alimony and certain court judgments. However, most credit card debt, medical bills and personal loans will be able to be discharged if you qualify for bankruptcy.

Your lawyer will inform you of the paperwork you need to do and the information you need to provide.

Avoid Temptation - Post Bankruptcy Recovery

Although it can be tempting to lie about assets or income in order to secure a more favorable outcome, it is a very bad idea to do so. The court will check into your financial statements and if they discover you are hiding assets your case will likely be dismissed and you may face criminal charges. You also need to be very clear about all your debts, as if you forget to list one in your paperwork it will not be discharged.

Bankruptcy can be a long and stressful process, but it can be worth it in the end. If you are drowning in debt and unable to pay it off, declaring bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. It is a common occurrence and nothing to be ashamed about if you have done everything in your power to make good but are being crushed by your debts.

Instead, look at it as getting a second chance to make smart financial decisions having learned from your missteps . If you are wondering how to file bankruptcy, wonder no more. With a little help you will soon find yourself on the road to your second chance.

Six Guidelines To Setting Up A Private Practice

The steps to establishing a private practice could get daunting and nerve-wracking. To get your practice off the ground, procure funding, find a suitable location, join associations, employ the appropriate people, get adequate technology, and advertise your practice enthusiastically.

The choice to break out and start your own private practice is a daunting and quite often difficult decision. With all the variety of components to take into consideration, it's no surprise why only 15% of health professionals have broken out into their own practices.

Obtain funding

Before you get started on your own independent practice, the first thing to get is the suitable financial resources. These financial resources must be enough to cover overhead costs, operational costs, the cost of rentals and down payments, as well as private practice marketing expenses. There are several options as to where you can get these financial resources. If you are well-established in your field, it would be very easy to get investors or financial loans when breaking out on your own. However, if you have had enough saved up for your very own private practice, you could have a little amount out of your financial savings.

Choose the right location

Location takes on a big part in checking the triumph or failure of a business. Before choosing a specific location, you'll need to do the required research on the vicinity and neighboring businesses and organizations. Among the factors you must consider when selecting a location is to ensure that the vicinity is easily accessible to your future clients. Besides that, the leasing costs in the area must go with your planned spending budget.

Join associations

Among the many best ways to make and keep in touch with associates in your field of work would be to become a member of professional organizations. This is an excellent method to meet more people and mingle with like-minded companions. It's also a great way to advertise yourself and the mastery you are offering. You could also swap tips with one another and acquire valuable insight into what to look for and how things work.

Employ the best staff

The next thing you should take care of is your labor force. When hiring people to join your practice, choose people who share your commitment and dedication to the venture at hand. Staff who are captivated with their work will give their very best in every situation and be helpful every time.

Get the right technology

Based on the type of practice you plan to go into, you'll need to obtain the necessary technology in order for things to run properly. Buying equipment will take up a substantial part of your spending budget thus you will need to plan prudently for which tools are absolutely mandatory and which aren't. You might also consider getting financing to cover some of your equipment.

Market your practice enthusiastically

Marketing is one of the aspects that will help your business progress. You will need to hire a specialist to help you disperse the word and also to come up with a winning marketing strategy. Additionally, if you're already well-established with a lot of clients, you can inform them about your plan to open up your very own practice and, oftentimes, they're going to come along with you.

When the preparation process becomes difficult, a good way to continue encouraging yourself is to try to continually keep your aims in sight. If you have passion for what you do, you'll be able to brave all odds and make it through.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

College Reward Charge Card

A college reward charge card is a sort of bank card that is set up to perform as any common bank card would, however the target market is barely different. These bank cards are provided to college students of school or university age. The only stipulation is that these students have to be of legal age and presently attending higher education. As soon as the coed graduates, they will proceed utilizing the credit card but some of the terms might change.

A reward bank card may be obtained almost anywhere. Many banks, regional or national, and most major charge card providers offer these credit cards. The types of incentives each pupil reward credit card provide will vary from card to card. A little analysis into the specific reward each card provides should slender the field for which pupil rewards bank card is the appropriate one.

One sort of reward supplied is airline mileage. How the mileage is earned will vary from card to card but the amount of cash put onto the cardboard will decide how many miles are earned. These miles may expire over a sure time frame but most firms, if you're a protracted and dependable customer, will prolong that expiration date if want be.

Cash reward are another type of reward that is available. A specified percentage, usually 5% to 20%, is gained on the sum of money spent at specific retail stores. That amount is translated into points and those rewards points is going to accrue gradually. These reward points can then be redeemed for cash that's utilized towards the stability on the credit card. Another option for the factors is to redeem them for prizes. The prizes will fluctuate from card to card and company to firm however there are often an unlimited amount of prizes from many classes to choose from.

A reward charge card, regardless that it is supplied to a young group of people, is a great technique to build credit and a credit score. These charge cards, whenever utilised responsibly, may be a good way to deal with any wants which will come about and get a great start on daily life. The reward packages that go together with these charge cards are simply an added bonus.

Lots of young people try and obtain a bank card when they are at college. This may be incredibly difficult to do when an undergraduate lacks the previous personal credit history. Thankfully, you'll find college charge cards without credit history for college kids in want of a credit card. These credit cards enable a student to learn to turn out to be extra financially sensible whilst also starting out her or his personal credit history so that you can take advantage of completely new opportunities.

Several students benefit from pre-paid charge cards mainly because it allows them to set financial limitations with no over-spending. This may often be a lot easier to manage than a charge card with excessive spending limits. There are a selection of pre paid bank card opportunities. Such bank cards really are ideal for college students without consumer credit.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pay day short term loan-Small financial aid till payday

What is Payday short term loan? Today's life is full of uncertainty and occurrence of unpredictable events however cautious and careful you are. Unpredictable financial urgencies for very short terms are the most common example of such unpredictable events in life. It is quite natural that such unpredictable financial expenses are difficult to manage. But, Not Anymore.

We at Payday Short Term Loans are here to serve people when they need financial help the most. We offer a variety of short term loans for your different needs. You only need to choose the loan that suits to your requirement the most.

When should you borrow payday short term loan: We devised these short term loans so that you can meet your unexpected financial expenses that came after your last payday and you already spent the same. At this point we help you with a short term loan that you are required to repay on your next payday.

Loan amount, duration and purpose: Our pay day short term loans offer amounts between 0 and 00 for a period of 14-31 days. Therefore, whether you need 0 or 00 for 14 days or 31 days, you can contact us with confidence, irrespective of the purpose for which you need the money. You can use the loan the way you want. With our short term loans, you can pay off any pending house rent, electricity or phone bills you can meet any other expenses that came from nowhere.

Loan eligibility: In order to avail payday short term loan, you must be a US citizen and must have been working in your current organization at least for last six months. You are also expected to have a bank account in which the loan amount could be transferred.

Key features of payday short term loan: The most important feature of payday short term loan is the instant decision; you don't need to wait for days to get the decision. You apply for the loan and you get instant decision.

Another key feature of payday short term loans is that you can avail these loans even if you have unfavourable credit score. You can come to us even if your loan request was turned down by any other lender. This is because we understand your urgent needs and therefore offer pay day short term loans without any credit check.

Therefore, if you need loan of small amount for a short duration, apply for a payday short term loan. We offer instant decision in case of short term cash loans which can help you meet your expenses as and when you want.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Which Type Of Credit Card User Are You?

From a consumer perspective, credit cards can be a safe and useful way to pay for things, whilst simultaneously building a decent credit score. However, a lenders perspective takes into account what kind of spender you are. Keeping reading to discover what type of credit card user you are and what kind of credit card habits you are associated with.

The Responsible User

If you are a responsible user, you are disciplined and you stick to a reasonable budget. You rarely have to pay interest fees because you tend to pay your balances in full and on time every month. As a result, you have an excellent credit score and never have to pay additional fees for late or missed payments.
Although lenders don't make money from responsible users in terms of interest rates, they still profit because they make money from transaction fees. Responsible users are viewed very favorably by lenders because they can be relied on to pay back everything they borrow, which means that lenders have more funds available to lend to other users.

The Minimum Payment User

Minimum payment users don't often pay their balances in full. They do, however, pay their bill on time each month by utilizing the minimum payment option. Sometimes they pay a little more than the minimum payment, but they usually carry some kind of debt around with them for years at a time.
From the perspective of credit card companies, these customers are very profitable to have around. They rarely pay their balances in full and therefore, they are usually charged interest fees. This is where credit card companies make most of their money.

The Shopaholic User

Shopaholics like to spend. Unlike the Responsible User, the shopping lovers are more likely to exceed budgets and credit limits. They are very likely to accumulate large credit debts that take a long time to pay off.
Credit card companies benefit from this type of user because they can be charged higher interest rates as well as late or missed payment fees. For this reason, any purchases will end up costing considerably more than The Shopaholic User bargained for. Big spenders are advised to stay away from credit cards and opt for cash or debit instead.

The Beginner or College User

Young people, such as college students, often obtain a credit card but have little understanding of how to use it properly. With very little income and only a small budget, the young borrowers could benefit from low credit limits. By charging only one or two small purchases a month to their credit card, beginner users can begin to build up their credit score even if they are not earning much.
From the lenders perspective, beginner's users can be profitable as their lack of awareness can lead them to make costly mistakes, such as using their credit card for cash advances or missing payments. In this way, lenders are able to victimize novices for their innocence and inexperience.

The Former User

If you are a Former User, you probably have a few credit cards which you keep open but, for one reason or another, you no longer use them. This could be due to previous problems with debt or dissatisfaction with credit cards in general, changes in income, or perhaps recognition of the risk of over-spending. Sometimes these users will use their credit cards for emergencies only and sometimes they will never use their cards again. They tend to keep their account open because it contributes to their credit score.
Credit card companies miss these users and often attempt to entice them back with special offers and incentives. This is especially the case if the user was previously a Responsible or Minimum Payment user.

Lenders love credit card users who will make them money. These tend to be those who are vulnerable to high interest rates, such as Shopaholic Users, or those who make innocent mistakes, such as beginners. The Responsible Users, who pay their bills in full every month, help to keep the credit card companies running smoothly by ensuring that lenders have a constant supply of funds to lend out to those they can charge with high interest fees.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 Common Reasons Your Housing Loan Application Can Be Refused

Unless you are cash rich, you would look to leverage on a housing loan to purchase a home. Getting an approval for a housing is never a certainty. There are many situations where home buyers can have their applications rejected outright by the mortgage lender. When that happens, a lender may inform you of the reasons why your application had been declined or not even give you service call to inform you of their decision.

These are some common reasons that housing loan request are declined by the mortgage lender.

1) Being a guarantor for a relative's loan

One of the most common reason that terms your personal financial position as over leveraged is by signing as a guarantor for another individual's loan. There are many reasons for this to happen. It could be that you nephew needs a guarantor for an education loan, your spouse included you as a guarantor for an auto loan, your dad needed you as a guarantor for a recent investment property loan, etc.

At the point of signing on, it is normal to think that these circumstances will not affect you in any way. But it can have a great effect on your loan applications in future, including your housing loan. Unless you have a high personal income, obtaining attractive housing loan terms can be frustrating.

A mortgage loan is a very significant personal financial commitment, the mortgage lender will be concerned with your personal financial leverage when assessing your application. And because you are a guarantor for other loans, those can be taken into consideration when calculating your personal debt ration. A higher ration can deem your personal financial leverage as undesirable.

2) Negligent on material information

Our personal finances are very private information. As wealth is a symbol of social status, many people may be a little embarrassed about revealing the full details of their current financial position, especially if they perceive their personal credit record as one that is adverse. However do note that a mortgage broker or a mortgage officer is there to help you obtain your desired mortgage. It is their job and they will be delighted to be able to acquire a deal for you that you will be happy with.

Because of the nature of their job scope, they have seen a number of applications and have experience on what to look out for in your application. So when you are probed on personal financial information, be open in sharing them so that an officer will know the best course of action to help you obtain an approval for your housing loan.

Do not think that some information requested is not important. Unless you are the mortgage underwriter, you will have little idea on the assessment criteria required. When possible issues are raised by your mortgage officer, you can get them resolved before processing your application. Working on adverse issues only after your housing loan has been declined may be too late.

3) Outstanding arrears and credit card bills

Because a housing loan is a secured loan, you may be complacent on thinking that it is one of the easiest forms of loans that you can get. You may even think that you personal credit record is of little importance since the mortgage lender should feel save since there is a valuable collateral involved.

That is not the case. Your personal credit record can have great effects on how flexible a mortgage lender is willing to be with you. This is especially so when you are a new customer to the lender. They have not dealt with you before and the only way to fairly judge your financial behavior is to assess your credit record. When it shows that your current auto loan and credit card bills are late by 3 months, it does not reflect nicely on how well you manage your finances. You can be penalized with an outright rejection or offered more unfavorable terms because of the additional risks put on the lender. Always ensure prompt payments on your personal credit facilities at least 6 months before your housing loan application.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Choose Good Role Model

It is naturally to have a role model at young age. The idols influence on young people's behavior, on the way they speak or dress, affect on the acts they take, the choices they make Basically the term role model refers to the positive role models, but in praxis is not always like that, for example the celebrities often choose to build an image of a rebel and young people find it more attractive than the image of lamblike person that speaks about peace in the world.

When we speak about role models, the term is also related with idolatry that describes only the bad side of its meaning. It is little bit immature for an adult to believe blindly in some ideology, unconditionally bonding with the subject of his worship. It seems like helpless connecting to character from the favourite rpg games, but actually choosing a good role model could give many benefits in life, if you choose wisely. If a person is influenced correctly, the role model could help become better and inspire to make a difference. Here are some steps how to choose good role model.

- A good role model is a person that knows who he is, he doesn't pretend that he is someone else, just to be good for other people. Find a person who has a lot of confidence in his abilities, someone who is down will bring you down too.

- Find someone who is kind and can interact well with people, someone that doesn't always take credit for what he does.

- It's good to be someone who appreciate uniqueness and who is similar to you in some kind of way. Maybe it's about the person you want to be but it's desperate to try to be something that is opposite of your own nature. It should be someone that makes you feel good about being yourself, you should not compare with him wishing you were prettier. Emulate him, but put your own individuality into the things he does.

- Look for someone who lives his life the way you would like to. If you want to be a famous musician, your role model could be someone who is successful at playing or composing.

- True role model are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better people. We often don't recognize our true role models until we notice our own personal growth and progress.

- Your role model doesn't have to be a real person, or someone who is alive. It may be a character from a book. If you need an advice ask your self "What would he/she do in my position?"

And last, you should be aware that some poorly chosen role models may direct you to a wrong place where you don't want to be, so be careful.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


If you don't have enough funds in your hand to deal with your urgent monetary crisis then you can take help from instant decision payday loans. This loan will provide you a helping hand in getting quick funds at the time of need. With the help of this loan you can easily meet your urgent needs which you can't delay till your next payday.

Instant decision payday loans are short term loan and unsecured in nature. Thus lender will not ask for any collateral. The amount from which you can take benefit ranges from 100 to 1500. You have to pay back the loan amount within the time period of 2 to 4 weeks. This loan does not include any time consuming loan formality.

For getting instant decision payday loans you have to meet some prerequisites. Those conditions are as follow

Your age should be 18 years or above. You should be employed and must earn more than 1000 per month. You should have an active bank account of minimum 3 months old.

With the help of instant decision payday loans you can easily cope up with your short term expenses like paying children expenses, home rent, car breakdown, covering sudden medical expenses, paying monthly instalment, debit card bill, grocery bill and other pending bills.

If you don't have good credit history and have fear of getting the loan rejection then you can apply for instant decision payday loans without facing any hesitation as this loan is free from credit check. Thus bad credit holders like CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcy, arrears, or defaults in a hassle free way can apply for this loan.

You can easily avail payday loans instant decision by using online method. There are many lenders offering this loan at varied rate of interest. Choose the deal which suits you and by filling an online application form you can apply for this loan. This loan gets approved quickly and funds get credited in your account in the lowest possible time. Thus by making few clicks on your mouse you will be able to grab a good loan deal to deal with your crisis.

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Decorative Spanish Window Styles

Spanish style houses have become a popular architectural design in the 19th century due to their elegant and classic look. They usually utilize carved wooden doors, tiled roofs and have lots of open spaces. However one of the best parts of Spanish style homes is their windows. Here are some of the most popular Spanish window styles.

Stained glass. Although glass and windows often go together it was the Spanish who thought of adding color to it. Stained glass windows can bring beauty to any room because of the way light plays along the glass reflecting a myriad of colors. This interplay of colors can dazzle even the most hard to please onlooker. Another benefit is that it filters sunlight and prevents too much heat from entering your home. Stained glass can be designed in many ways. The glass can be made to take on a variety of shapes and forms. Aside from being used in houses it is now also used in churches. Stained glass window cleaning may require a bit of a challenge though. Stained glass window washing requires a delicate approach to it and may need professional handling.

Arched windows. This is another popular Spanish design and also one of the oldest. Their rounded style has an inviting appearance and makes guests want to explore the inside of your home. Arched windows bring natural light into your home and gives it an elegant and yet homey feel. This type of window design can stand on its own. But you also have the option to add curtains to complement it.

Window grilles. Grilles are commonly seen in many Spanish style houses. They are made from either wood or iron. Aside from being a decorative element they also act as a safety feature to prevent thieves or other negative elements from getting inside your home.

Wood shutters. This is a solid window covering that is composed of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. The inside of the frame can be set with fabric, louvers, solid panels or glass. Spanish wood shutters are usually made from brightly colored wood which works well in countries where the climate is tropical. The color of the wood is made to complement the color of the rest of the house. Wood shutters not only add beauty they also moderated the amount of light that streams in a room, protect against harsh weather and give privacy.

There are many types of windows designs, and different designs require different cleaning approach depending on various factors. What type of design you choose to use for your home is really up to you. What is important is that you choose one which can best reflect your personality and can complement your home.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Secured And Unsecured Loans In Bankruptcy

When it comes to taking out a loan, you should know they are not all the same. There are many types of loans and the terms and conditions of a loan can vary greatly. Different types of loans each have their own benefits and risks. The terms of a secured loan can be stricter than an unsecured loan. One of the main differences between these two types of loans is how debt collection efforts are handled in the event you default on your loan payments. Your debt repayment options may be managed differently in a secured loan than an unsecured loan. In the event of an extended financial hardship, you may not be eligible to have certain types of loans eliminated through bankruptcy.

Secured Loans

Most major loan purchases, such as your home or car, are called secured loans. They are called secured loans because the debts acquired under this type of loan are secured against collateral. A mortgage loan is considered a secured loan. In a mortgage loan, the lender has the right to repossess the home if you default on your payments. Defaulting on a mortgage loan can lead to foreclosure, whereby the lender takes over the rights to the home and may sell the home in order to satisfy the debts owed. Loans for car purchases are also secured loans. The lender can repossess your car and sell it to recover the loan amount. If the sale of the asset does not satisfy the full amount of the debt that is owed, you may still be held liable for repaying the remaining amount owed on the debt.

A personal secured loan is one in which you are using your home or car as collateral, but the money received in the loan is used to purchase other items. An example of a personal secured loan is a payday loan, in which you put the title to your car as collateral against the loan. Even though the loan is not used for the purchase of the car, the lender has the right to repossess the car if you default on repaying the loan. If your car is repossessed during a payday loan, you are still liable for any debts still owed on your car loan through the originating lender. This can lead to further financial trouble and more debt.

Secured Loans and Bankruptcy

Secured loans can be more difficult to manage when if you find yourself in financial trouble. A secured loan may not be eligible for elimination if you file for bankruptcy. In some cases, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate the debt owed on a secured loan, but you may risk losing the property to the lender. Legally, lenders are allowed to seize and liquidate some of your assets in order to fulfill the debt payments of a secured loan. However, there are many states whose bankruptcy laws may offer exemptions for some of your assets. Bankruptcy exemptions may allow for your home and car can be protected from liquidation during bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect your assets from liquidation through a Chapter 13 repayment plan. The repayment plan allows for you to keep your assets while you make payments towards the loan over the course of 3 to 5 years. Once you complete the repayment plan, you will be relieved of your loan debt and own the rights to the property.

The most important thing to remember about defaulting on a secured loan, is that time is crucial for protecting your assets. Once you realize you may not be able to make your payment, contact your lender and discuss negotiating a modified repayment plan. Many lenders prefer to modify a repayment plan that better suits your budget, than risk losing money through selling the property through foreclosure or repossession. If your lender is not willing to negotiate, seek counsel from a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are loans that do not have any collateral used against the loan. The loan is unsecured because it is based on your promise to repay the debt. In an unsecured loan, the lender is not given any rights to seize or liquidate a specific asset. If you default on the loan, the lender may make debt collection efforts but are not afforded the right to reclaim any of your property.

The most common type of unsecured loan is a credit card. Defaulting on a credit card may lead to collection efforts, but creditors cannot take your assets to pay for the debt. Some personal loans are considered unsecured loans if you did not put up any of your property as collateral for the loan. Defaulting on unsecured loan payments can lead to negative consequences such as damage to your credit, harsh collection attempts and legal action. Another example of an unsecured loan is a student loan. Generally, student loans are treated seriously by the lending institution and defaulting on such loans can lead to significant consequences. Federal bankruptcy laws do not protect borrowers that default on a student loan payment and you risk having your wages garnished for purposes of paying the debt owed.

Unsecured loans and Bankruptcy

Unsecured loans are much easier to have discharged through bankruptcy than a secured loan. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate most of your unsecured debt. In some cases, the bankruptcy court may decide to allow for some of your assets to be liquidated to fulfill debt payments. However, bankruptcy laws offer exemptions to protect most of your assets in bankruptcy. As in a secured loan, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will protect your assets as you make payments towards the debt.

Your debts are your responsibility, whether they are secured or unsecured loan debts. Although bankruptcy allows for debt relief when experiencing financial hardships, this assistance should not be abused. It is always best to repay your debts in full to prevent any further damage to your credit history and to maintain a good financial standing. However, good people may experience tough times. Bankruptcy can provide relief from your debts and protect your assets, but it is best to be properly advised about your financial situation before you decide to pursue bankruptcy. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can review your options and help you make the decision to put you on the path to financial stability.

Take Into Consideration The Vendor Finance Opportunity When Hunting For A Property

Obtaining a new house is a tremendous step that someone or a family would normally take after spending several years leasing an apartment. The reasons for finally deciding to purchase can vary widely from person to person; a more reliable work may have helped someone save up enough funds for an advance payment, some other could have recently become married and is about to settle with her spouse under their own single roof for the first time, or a husband and wife might have found out that they are at last going to be mother and father. Relocating to a new house would be the next rational move in any of these folks' lives.

For other individuals, however, the decision to obtain a residence could base from the realization that maintaining their own house would build much more financial sense than paying rental to a landlord for the remainder of their existence. They may believe that their rental money would be set to a far better use towards an advance payment for a house that they would call their own. Naturally, putting together the cash for a down payment is not as simple as it seems, either, still there are alternatives that a person can turn to so that he can carry on with his home buying plans. One alternative he can take advantage of is utilizing vendor finance to purchase a property.

Vendor finance is a type of financing provided by the firm selling the house. Most potential buyers do not possess the money necessary to pay for the property outright, so making deals with a vendor who can offer lending solutions can be a big help in having the purchasing process started. Vendors will normally have a prearranged set of terms and conditions. Usually, the buyer can live in the property while they make their payments, as soon as the payments have been satisfied, the title will be transferred to the name of the buyer.

A different option buyers might want to look into is a rent to own property. Also known as a lease-to-own house or home, this alternative requires renters to give their landlord a fixed amount per month to be able to stay on the property. Following a specified time frame, which is typically within 3 years, the renters now have the opportunity to buy the property. A portion of the repayment given by the renters will go towards their deposit for the property. This will be a faster way for buyers to get their own home, and it's a much quicker way for the original owner to sell his property at the same time.

Through a rent to buy home, a just-married partners or an expanding family will be able to move into a house of their own much faster than if they would wait until they made enough cash to purchase a home outright. Renting to own tend to be a more sensible use of money and a great way to ensure a secure shelter for the future.

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Beverage Headhunters & Beverage Recruiters Who Can Identify Top Beverage Talent

Beverage companies looking to fill beverage jobs are often challenged to identify talent with beverage industry experience. There are a number beverage headhunters and beverage recruiters who specialize in identifying candidates for these companies. They have access to a wide array of jobseekers who have experience working in the marketing, sales, finance and administrative functions in the beverage industry.

Working with a beverage recruiter makes things easier for both the job applicant and the beverage company who is hiring. The beverage headhunter can provide the Candidate with resume advice, career counseling, interview advice, etc? Beverage recruiters help Beverage Employers by thoroughly pre-screening Candidates to assess motivation, interpersonal skills, problem solving, management skills, team building, and strategic thinking. Only the most qualified applicants are typically forwarded for Beverage Employer review. Beverage headhunters can also assist in writing job descriptions, doing background checks, and handling every stage of the recruitment process.
Identifying the leaders for beverage companies can be a challenging task, so it's important to identify a beverage industry recruiter or headhunter who is tapped into thousands of candidates both actively and not actively seeking a career change and who has access to the most beverage jobs available.

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Virtual Real Estate. How to Cash in on Internet Investment

Virtual real estate is leveraging the internet and investing in its online space, whether that be an online store, website or domain name.

Investing in the internet in this way, is commonly known as Virtual real estate and has been happening for quite some years with the buying and selling of domain names. Wikipedia lists some of the most expensive domain names sold on record, one of which was, which was sold for .1 million dollars in 1999. What this means is, that someone had purchased the domain name for the regular price approximately , then resold it to Toys 'R Us for a profit of more than million dollars.

While there has been much buying and selling of domain names, most of the highly sought after single-word-domains have already been registered, leaving the longer, niche specific names to be invested in.

SO how do you cash in on an internet investment these days?

Well I've discovered three ways.

The first is investing in, and then selling niche specific domain names. You need to research keywords in niche markets using the Google Adwords Keywords tool, or the Wordtacker tool. Try to target keywords which contain 2 or 3 words, which receive high traffic, for example "weight loss" or "easy weight loss". Then go to a domain name provider such as Crazy Domains or Go Daddy and enter the keywords as a domain name in their search box to see if it's available. If it is and you feel this would be a lucrative business name for a future online business, then go ahead and register it. This becomes your Virtual Real Estate investment, where you buy and hold, just like a regular investment strategy. You keep your piece of internet real estate (your domain name) until, someone contacts you because they want to buy it, or you actively seek to sell it, or auction it to the highest bidder.

The second way to find lucrative virtual real estate to invest in, is to follow the same principles of keyword research, but this time apply the investment strategy to an internet platform, such as Facebook. Here you may be lucky enough to capture an investment using a double keyword such as "weight loss".

The third way and by far the most lucrative and exciting, is to exploit the newest internet platform being launched right now. You will want to learn more about this new internet platform, because you have plenty of opportunity to invest in the best store names now- before they are snapped up by others, simply because this hottest internet platform, is in its infancy in terms of investment. Store names are the equivalent to domain names, on this revolutionary new internet platform, which means you could get the equivalent of "" for yourself now. The Virtual Real Estate on this new, cutting edge platform could be your most lucrative investment yet.

Stay tuned for more articles on Virtual Real Estate, internet real estate investing and this revolutionary new platform.

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N. Georg

Swap A Lease - Why You Should Swap A Lease

If you want to swap a lease, it is easier to do than you think. You can go to a lease swap site where you can easily do this and get a different car to drive. There are several different reasons why you may choose to swap a lease. One of them is that you want to get rid of the car you are currently leasing and use something else. You may be looking to save money by leasing a smaller car, or you may want to trade up. Either way, you can swap a lease and get the car that you want to drive. Most people who swap a lease do so to drive another car because of various reasons.

When people lease a car, they do so for a period of time. The longer the lease term, the smaller the payments. However, things can change during the term of the lease. You are still bound to the lease and have to pay a penalty if you try to get out of the lease. In many cases, people will swap a lease for a cheaper car or one with a shorter term. They can then get out of their current lease and then have a shorter term on the lease they get. Many people will swap a lease without picking up a new lease by letting someone take over their lease. The lease is then assigned to someone else who takes over the responsibility and payments that are due on the lease. Those who no longer want to lease their car can swap a lease in this way and not have to worry about the lease or paying the penalty on turning it in early any longer.

Another reason to swap a lease is to get a different car. Perhaps you want to drive the car of your dreams but you do not feel as though you have the money. You can take a look at longer term leases on such vehicles and swap a lease with someone who has their lease up for swap. In this way, you are able to afford to drive the car of your dreams without any problems. You can swap a lease easily in this manner and get the car that you have always wanted to drive by trading up.

Perhaps you want to trade down. If so, you can swap a lease and get lower payments on another vehicle. This can help you if you are struggling with your budget while at the same time keeping you current with the lease company. Someone else takes over your lease when you swap a lease and you take over another lease that has lower payments. This can help you out financially as well as give you a different vehicle to drive.

Whether you just want to trade in your car for something new, or if you want to save money on your lease payments, you can do so when you swap a lease. This is easy to do and the lease assignment can save you money as well as enable you to drive a car that you really want to drive.